Project Deadalus (Michael Teusch)

Born in Germany now living in Holland, Michael Teusch a.k.a. Project Daedalus started making ambient music at the age of 13. Using Fasttracker when Big Brother didn't need his PC.
After spending some time in the Void he picked up making music again at the age of 21 using software like Reason Buzz and later on Cubase Sx and Hardware Synthesizers.
Specializing in theme-based psychedelic music and not focusing on the BPM range but rather on the psychedelic part of the track he makes tracks from Full on to Dark.

Daedalus and a few good friends started organizing parties in the Netherlands under the Name of RetroShamans which is now changing into RecordShaman Records.


Started Dj-ing in '95 Phobey has retained a life long passion for music.

Comming from the Hardcore/Techno scene he later on went on to mixing goatrance and electro beats. Producing his first song in 2008 Phobey makes dark athmospsheric progressive tunes while trying to keep it danceable.

Also a part of the RetroShaman party crew he's one of the driving forces behind RetroShaman Records.


Hi all! First of all I'm a music junkie! If i had to choose between freedom of speech or freedom of Music? I would play records as long as my blood is warm! You'll hear all kinds of music from me but mainly I will play ProgressivePsy and Trance. This is the music that makes happy me and filled with energy. The drive of Trance Music is Deep and Soulful!

Hope you enjoy listening my sets!


Steven has been involved as a DJ in house music from the 90's. His first professional gig in a club was in 1993.

He has played on parties organized by, Shut Up & Dance, Twisted Extractions, Ruigoord & much much more.

He only has one goal during his sets: SHARE POSITIVE ENERGY, with enough VARIATION, somewhere between 135 to 148 BPM, depending on time, place and crowd.

ZAMOT (Filipe Vieira)

Filipe Vieira was born in 1982 in Vila Real, Portugal.

It didn't take long before he showed a big interest in electronic music. He started as Dj but later he produced his own music at home, capturing the essence of darkpsy.

That's when project ZAMOT was born.


EDS (Evolving Digital Sound) was born in the Netherlands. In his younger years he grew up with a lot of Jazz, Blues, Disco and Country Music. In his teenage years he discovered heavy metal and started playing the bass guitar, until he discovered the world of electronic music. He started producing a wide variety of styles at the age of 17. Electro, Techno, TeKno, Drum 'n Bass, Breakbeat and more. After discovering Psy-trance he found out how complex this music was.

And so his Psychedelic journey began. In 2009 he had his first release together with a friend of his (AudioFace) on Psyderweb Records, under the collab name "Global Sound Trancemission" (GST).

Since 2011 he switched labels and is producing for Retroshaman Records. EDS produces uptempo progressive, with a touch of Full-On, trying to make a varied sound on the dancefloor that never gets boring. As a DJ EDS mixes Psy-Progressive for Retroshaman Records and as the resident DJ for PSychedelic.FM